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NOTE - Group tickets with discount are available for groups of 10 or more - please email or call 07561 201719 with your name and number and we will call you back to arrange your booking.

Quarantine Conditions for  31st October, 1st November, 2nd November

The event takes place in Drakelow Tunnels, start point DY11 5SA

You are responsible for your pace and movement to ensure your safety. You are under no actual obligation to run or behave unusually. You undertake this event at your own risk.

You will cause no actual harm to any other participants or actors. 

You might feel very uneasy and frightened. Terrified even.

Should the experience become too much for you, and you find that you need to exit the experience you will need to say or shout the codeword with which you will be issued at briefing. In the event of you using this codeword you will still see be able to see the movie 28 WEEKS LATER from the refuge.

There may be flashing lights

Once you arrive you will be moved to a Quarantine area.

Your goal is remain uninfected and survive to make it to the Refuge.

You must wear the protective mask -this will be despatched to you before the event. 

You must fill in the risk assessment form during selection.

You accept that there may be physical contact made with you. But you must under no circumstances act physically against any actors or participants.

You must be Rage virus free. 

You must be physically able to cope with moderate exercise (check with your GP if in doubt)

You are advised to wear warm clothes, the tunnels are apx. 10c all year round.

No liability is accepted for stained clothing, boiler suits will be provided on arrival.

Wear suitable footwear - something that you can run in. 

If you are booking more than one ticket, you take responsibility for communicating these conditions to each of the group.

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